Love the imperfections.

Love the imperfections.

As a true linen lover, I do not fret over the stains on my tablecloths. They are the evidence of many happy dinners and family gatherings and are a remembrance of those joyful events. Some of those stains will wash out completely but some, no matter what you try, never will. Others will fade overtime leaving a faint shadow, a reminiscence of a particular gathering. My relationship with the many imperfections now dotting my personal collection of table linens, is perfectly serene.

It is to be expected that wine might spill or soup ladle might drip before reaching a plate. Does the thought of that happening over your newly acquired tablecloth make you anxious? If it does, maybe an alternative to a tablecloth might be a better choice for you. Placemat or a napkin laid diagonally to serve as a placemat is also a festive way to set a table, providing for easier care.

They will not be immune to spills, however, a single placemat or a napkin can be replaced immediately, without disturbing the entire dinner table and allowing for prompt treatment of the stain while fresh.

If your laundry skills are lacking or you just can not imagine yourself with an iron in hand, The Laundry at Linens Unlimited ( with 50 years of history is one of the finest laundry services in the country.

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Love the imperfections.
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