About Linen

  • Love the imperfections.

    As a true linen lover, I do not fret over the stains on my tablecloths. They are the evidence to many happy dinners and family gatherings and are a remembrance of those joyful events. Some of those stains will wash out completely but some, no matter what you try, never will. Others will fade overtime leaving a faint shadow, a reminiscence of a particular gathering. My relationship with the many imperfections now dotting my personal collection of table linens, is perfectly serene. It is to be expected that wine might spill or soup ladle might drip before reaching a plate. Does...

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    The experience of  the cool and smooth feel of linen fabric against skin, whether sleeping in linen sheets or wearing linen clothes is too short for us, living in northern hemisphere. Because linen IS for summer. Hebe Dorsey, the famed fashion editor of The Herald Tribune once told me: "You do not want to be caught wearing linen, particularly in color white, before Memorial Day weekend or after Labor Day weekend." While that rule might be somewhat rigid, it is true that linen is identified with warm weather.  Exception being table linens.  Thanksgiving or Christmas table, set with linen tablecloth and...

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  • Website Launch

     Just few short days remain to the launch of our website. All of us are working feverishly to complete editing and adding all products so that your browsing experience is efficient and pleasurable.

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